I am Head of AI/Data Science at Datadrivers, an IT Consulting Company in Hamburg. Together with my team we help our clients to drive their business impact through ml-powered systems. We provide solutions ranging from identifying and defining machine learning use cases, to building highly customised systems that help leverage the full potential of machine learning for your business.


I was a Senior AI Engineer & Data Scientist at Datadrivers, Tchibo GmbH and Smartclip, working on topics like Designing Production ML Systems, Recommendation Engines, Adtech, Forecasting, Data Pipelines, Data Engineering and many more.


I graduated as a Dr. Phil. in Systematic Musicology & worked as a Research Fellow at the Max-Planck-Institute for empirical Aesthetics. I studied how music fulfils a self-empowering function using methods from cognitive and behavioural psychology, carrying out experiments in the lab, and analysing lots of data.